Eyond the standard – Firenze

Giovedì 28 ottobre 

Bevo vino 

Enzo Cavalli basso elettrico ed effetti
Joy DeVito chitarra

I due musicisti suoneranno una serie di composizioni in versione sia acustica che Elettro Lounge esplorando le sonorità degli standard e di composizioni originali.

Knut e Devil Sold His Soul Live – Milano (MI)

Giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

Da Ginevra dopo anni da assenza finalmente tornano a calcare i palchi milanesi
Via Watt 37, 20143
Milano (MI)

KNUT (ch, hydrahead rec.)

…KNUT. pronounce cnoot. came together early 1994 in geneva, switzerland

There is simply too much music in the world these days, and little of it seems to embody what could be described as passion or even soul. Rarer still are the bands who have stuck around long enough to be considered consistent institutions of musical integrity and ingenuity. All but extinct are the bands that embody/possess the qualities above, and who have continued to produce, evolve and thrive despite deficient attention from the music buying public. While artists like THE MELVINS, NEUROSIS, CONVERGE and ENSLAVED have managed to plumb the depths of the various caverns of heavy metal/hardcore/loud rock and emerged atop mountains of accolades (while simultaneously making careers of their craft), KNUT have long labored in relative obscurity, churning out some of the finest all-enveloping-mathsludge- metal-pummelry known this (or that) side of the Atlantic. 16 years and 12 + releases into their existence KNUT have managed once again to top themselves and shame their peers with the creation of WONDER. A commentary on the human capacity for creative thought and numinous experience in the face of a violent and oppressive global-market ethos, WONDER stands as a testament to our will for survival and defiance in times of adversity and crippling doubt… and, yeah, it’s proof-positive that CELTIC FROST and Swatch ain’t the only Swiss exports from which we may all reap unending benefits.
(Hydra Head Records)

di supporto, la rivelazione britannica:
DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL – http://www.myspace.com/devilsoldhissoul –


porte 21,30
inizio concerti 22,00